How Many Paintballs Do I Need For a Paintball Session?

21 December 2023
Paintball Smoke

Paintball is a game based on strategy, so knowing how to use your equipment to your advantage is important. Here at Velocity Paintball, we get asked a lot of questions about strategy and how to use your paintballs best. So that got us thinking: how many paintballs do you need for a session? 

We recommend around 300-500 paintballs for your half-day session. At Velocity, you play 7 games within your 3-hour sessions, so it’s best to make the most out of your paintballs to keep your games going! If you do run out, you can purchase more from our shop! 

Read on to learn everything you need about the amount of paintballs you need for a session with Velocity Paintball. 

How Many Paintballs Do I Need For A Paintballing Session? 

The minimum amount of paintballs required for a paintballing session is 300, but you can have a maximum of 4,000 for the entirety of the session. When you book with us here at Velocity Paintball, you can purchase an entry package that includes paintballs as a standard, the average being £35 for 500 paintballs and the rest of your equipment. 

What’s The Average Amount Of Paintballs Used?

The average number of paintballs used for a half-day session is around 300 per player, which is 43 per game. We’d recommend that players go up to 500 paintballs to get the most out of their session. At Velocity, we allow you to buy your paintballs in bulk at the start of your day so you are prepared for each game. 

Can You Add More Paintballs During A Session?

At Velocity, we absolutely allow you to add more paintballs during your session. If you find yourself running out after your first game, our dedicated shop allows you to purchase more so you can keep the action going! 

How Many Paintballs Do You Need For An Hour?

For an hour, we’d recommend 100-150 paintballs, as you will be playing around 2-3 games within the first hour. This will help you to spread out your paintballs across each game. If you do run out, that isn’t a problem! You can purchase more from our shop before your next game begins. 

How Long Do 100 Paintballs Last? 

100 paintballs can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your playstyle. Trigger-happy players will blast through their paintballs, while conservative players make every shot count. Whatever your paintballing strategy is, at Velocity Paintball, you will have 7 games, so you can adapt your play style and find a new opportunity to win the game. 

Can I Bring My Own Paintballs? 

No, unfortunately, only paintballs that have been purchased from the centre on the day of your game can be used. We test our equipment rigorously and take everyone’s safety very seriously. We need to be aware of any defective paintballs so that you don’t become hurt or damage the equipment. 

Paintballing Action At Velocity Paintball 

At Velocity Paintball, we want you to have as much fun as possible with this fantastic sport. We have three locations: Bristol, East Grinstead and Slough. If you want to get involved in some paintballing action, why not check us out? You can have teams from 4 to 25; any age can get involved due to our Low Impact Paintballs!

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