Outdoor Laser Tag in Crawley

While paintballing is a great experience for many kids, parents often think otherwise! That’s why we’ve created a more accessible experience that anyone can enjoy. Laser tag is a no-impact game that uses lasers to detect if the player has been “shot”. This means that it’s completely safe for players of all ages and you don’t need to worry about wearing a facemask.

Our laser tag games are available to children (and adults!) from 7 years old.

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What’s Included in Outdoor Laser Tag?

Whether you’re booking as an individual or for a laser tag party, you’ll get the same all-inclusive benefits as everyone else. These include:

  • Full kit hire – You’ll get a semi-automatic laser blaster with unlimited ammo and a fitted overall with a padded neck & adjustable headband.
  • Full entrance into Velocity Paintball with use of all the great onsite facilities – This includes free tea, coffee, & water all day, free WiFi, static toilets, undercover seating & viewing areas, a large car park, and an onsite shop.
  • A Professional, well-trained team of marshals – It’s their job to ensure you have an amazing time, answer any questions, and give top tips on game zones – you can even try asking them for professional tactics! At the end of the day, there will be a presentation with certificates for the stand-out players!

If you have any questions about what your laser tag experience entails, get in touch with one of our friendly team members so they can answer any questions you may have.

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Velocity Paintball Facebook
Velocity Paintball Facebook

Book a Laser Tag Party

We offer laser tag parties for large groups at our laser tag location in Crawley! A laser tag party with us can accommodate a large ground of players, and there’s undercover seating available for anyone who isn’t playing.

To book a laser tag party in Crawley, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and see how we can make the day extra special!

Our laser tag prices are exactly the same for both adults and children that want to play. We don’t think that adults should pay extra just because they’re ‘bigger’, when at heart we’re all just big kids who want to run around shooting their friends!

Price: £25 per person

Please note that pre-booking is required and you won’t be able to turn up and play on the day. Book now by clicking the button below, or get in touch with any questions you might have.

Laser Tag FAQs

How Does a Game of Laser Tag Work?

We run three laser tag sessions a day:

  • Morning – 10:00am
  • Afternoon – 14:00pm
  • Evening -18:00pm (Summer months only).

Each of our sessions run for 2 hours each and you get the chance to play 6 games in that time! When you arrive, you’ll be given a safety briefing with instructions on how to use the equipment. You’ll then get straight into the action and play your first of the games.

In between each game, you’ll get a short break to grab some water and take a rest before jumping back into the action. There will be free tea and coffee throughout, but we recommend bringing some water along too so that you can stay hydrated.

Throughout the session, only the parents or guardians of your children will be allowed to play with any kids of a younger age to keep the games fun and safe for everyone.

What Ages Can Play Laser Tag?

Our laser tag parties and sessions are available for anyone over the age of 7 (that includes the parents!). This minimum age is to ensure that they’re safe to roam around the battlefield without the risk of being injured, and also to ensure that they’re able to enjoy the games.

Is Laser Tag Safe?

Laser tag is extremely safe and there’s almost no risk of getting hurt. We do ask participants to be careful while interacting with the terrain and any trees or hand-built cover. We also restrict any physical contact and monitor the rules accordingly to make sure that everyone is having fun in the safest way possible.

Are You Allowed to Run in Laser Tag?

To keep everyone safe and minimise the risk of tripping or injuries, we ask that participants don’t run during the games. Our marshals will be on hand to regulate this and keep an eye on everyone. This won’t impact the quality of the game though, as our locations are purpose built with no running needed.

What Should I Wear For Laser Tag?

We’ll provide an overall to stop your clothes from getting damaged or dirty, but we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit scuffed. Ensure that all clothing allows a full range of movement and doesn’t restrict you from doing anything, so that you can enjoy the full experience.