Kids Paintball and Junior Paintball

Have the ultimate adventure day at one of our paintball sites; the perfect immersive experience for all the family to enjoy.

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Create memories to last a lifetime and really treat the kids in your life by visiting one of our three paintball locations (Bristol, Crawley or Slough). Whether it’s a birthday party, a fun day out or a school trip we have everything your children need to have the ultimate paintballing experience. 

Each of our locations offers its own unique and exciting game zones from castles to crypts so there’s something for everyone to let their imagination and inner warrior run wild. 

Paintballing allows your child the opportunity to grow in confidence, learn communication skills and overcome challenges all while having a fun-filled time with their friends and family. 

To find out more about hosting an action-packed day for your children contact one of our friendly staff.

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What Do Our Children Paintballing and Juniors Paintballing Involve?

At Velocity, we pride ourselves on creating truly exceptional experiences for children and juniors alike at all our venues. We love to create an environment that is immersive and exciting for children and hassle-free for parents and carers. That’s why we provide everything you need for an amazing experience with us including:

  • Body Armour and Overalls – We offer full-body, freshly laundered camouflaged overalls for all players. This comes with extra padding in the neck for an extra layer of protection. We also offer lightweight body armour to all our players. Although this is not mandatory to wear we do strongly recommend for our younger players to wear it just for an extra added layer of protection.
  • Full-Face Safety Goggles – Our full-face safety goggles protect your whole head, much like a motorcycle helmet would. The goggles also have a large lens for a wide viewing area and are fully adjustable with a chin strap for a secure fit.
  • 500 Paintball Hopper – No paintball experience would be completed without ammo! Our gravity-fed ammo hoppers have a clear lid so you can easily keep track of your ammo throughout the game. They are also attached to the markers at the beginning of the games for easy access.
  • Low Impact Paintballs -Based on age our younger players will automatically receive 50-calibre paintballs to play with. These paintballs are perfect for younger players as they are smaller, lighter and more fragile so are less painful on impact. We also have a safety trigger lock button on all our guns to prevent any unwanted accidental shots during the games.
  • Unique Game Zone – Each of our locations offers different game zones each with its own exciting and challenging landscapes to explore. From jungles to castles, we have everything to create the ultimate adventure.
  • Catering – We know that battling it out can be hungry and thirsty work so we encourage you to bring snacks and drinks that can be enjoyed on-site (no alcohol permitted). We also have on-site shops which provide cold drinks and snacks. 
Velocity Paintball Twitter
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Velocity Paintball Facebook

Creating the Ultimate Kids Paintball and Junior Paintball

We offer morning, afternoon and selective evening sessions where you’ll receive 3 hours to play seven games of fun-filled paintballing. At Velocity Paintball we understand that children need a space to explore their creativity and our paintball fields are the perfect place to do this. Whether they want to be daring knights, soldiers or warriors we have created a safe and exciting place for children to achieve this. 

Our team are here to create a memorable day for your children so they’ll always be nearby to offer support, advice and ultimately have fun. Healthy competition is always encouraged so as soon as you arrive, younger players will be grouped into their own teams to keep the playing ability fun and fair. We also only allow parents and guardians to participate in the same games alongside their children. 

If you’re wanting to give your children the ultimate adventure day they’ll never forget, contact one of our friendly team members to arrange your visit. 

Children and Junior Paintballing FAQs

How Old Do You Have To Be To Paintball?

At Velocity Paintball we require our players to be at least 7 years of age in order to play a game of paintball. However, there is no age limit beyond that as long as you feel fit and healthy, we encourage you to game and join in with the fun.

Are Children Allowed to Hold The Markers?

Our paintball markers are designed to be easily usable so younger players should have no issue holding and using them.

Can I Bring My Own Food?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks, the only thing you cannot bring is alcohol. We also have on-site shops which sell drinks and snacks if you need extra energy during the day.