Paintball FAQs

We want you to have the best time at our sessions, so we’ve answered some frequently asked questions below regarding what you can expect on the day, how to prepare for the game and things to keep in mind. Can’t see the answer to your question? Give us a call at 01753 316 073 and we’d be more than happy to help!

Paintball Smoke

General Paintball Questions

What Do I Wear to a Paintball Game?

We recommend you wear old, comfortable clothes and sturdy boots. The paint is washable and doesn’t normally stain but this depends on the material of your clothes. Gloves are also highly recommended.

Armoured Gloves are available to purchase and keep from our shop on the day, so don’t worry about buying in advance.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go Paintballing?

Kids need to be at least 7 years old to be able to play paintball. But whether you’re 7 or 107, it doesn’t matter! If you feel fit and able to join in we will always encourage you to come on down and join in a game. You never know, you may get hooked!

What Are the Rules of Paintball?

The 3 key rules of paintballing are:

  • Stay within the boundaries of play
  • Inform a marshal if you have been hit or you notice something wrong
  • Keep your headgear on and visor down when near an active game at all times

Our marshalling staff will explain the rules in detail on the day before the game begins. 

Can Anyone Play?

Yes! Anyone above the age of 7 can go paintballing. The only people that can’t or aren’t encouraged to play are:

  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone with health issues that would be exacerbated while playing paintball
  • Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

We also don’t advise you to participate if you have any pre-existing heart conditions or health concerns.

What Is the Best Strategy for Paintball?

Some of the key tactics in paintball include:

  • Researching and applying offensive and defensive strategies
  • Communicating effectively with your team
  • Making use of camouflage

But these are just a few suggestions; read our 10 Tips and Tactics for Paintball Success blog to find out more.

How Long Do Paintball Sessions Last?

7 games of paintball, which is on average how many games you get in a paintballing session, last for about 2 to 3 hours overall. However, allow extra time for registration, safety brief and any additional procedures on the day.

Have a look at our itinerary for an overview of what you can expect on a typical game day at one of our paintballing sites.

Does Paintball Hurt?

Provided that you use the right equipment and armour, paintball doesn’t hurt; you might only feel a tiny sting when the paintball hits you. We operate with a new style of 50cal paintballs which are lower impact and are far less likely to leave you with bruising. We also provide body armour for your use, should you need it. 

How Fast Do Paintballs Go?

On average, paintball markers can shoot 180 to 200 mph (265 to 295 fps), but some have a faster speed. Most paintball sites, however, will choose markers with a lower speed to ensure safety.


How Much Is Paintball?

On average, you can expect to pay around £35 per person which includes the games and 500 paintballs. This also includes kit hire (a paintball marker, a hopper, body armour, etc.) However, if you want more or fewer paintballs or any extras, the price will differ. Keep an eye on package deals as they can help you save.

Here are our guide prices; book online or give us a call at 01753316073 and we can book your session for you.

  • Standard entry – £9.99
  • Bronze package – includes 100 paintballs – £14.99
  • Silver package – includes 300 paintballs – £24.99
  • Gold package – includes 500 paintballs – £34.99
  • Platinum package – includes 800 paintballs – £49.99

You can add add-ons on the day at the following prices:

  • Fully armoured gloves £8.00 – You get to keep these at the end of the party!
  • Smoke Grenades. – £5.00 each (Over 18’s only)
  • Paint Grenades. – £5.00 each (Over 18’s only)
  • Flashbang Grenades. – £4.00 each (Over 18’s only)
  • Paintballs:
  • 100 – £10.00
  • 250 – £20.00
  • 500 – £40.00
  • 1000 – £70.00
  • 2000 – £120.00
  • 4000 – £220.00

Have a look at our shop price list for full details.

Do You Accept Cash and Card Payments?

Yes, we can take payment by cash or card. However, we don’t accept American Express.

Equipment and Armour

What Paintball Equipment Do I Need?

Here are the key items that you’ll need for a paintball game:

  • Paintball Marker to fire the paintballs with
  • Capacity hopper/loader to store your paintballs
  • Paintballs
  • Safety mask for protection
  • Body armour (optional)
  • Extra Gas (optional)

Here at Velocity Paintball, we’ll provide you with all of the above, including unlimited gas, alongside freshly washed fitted overalls with padded neck protection.

How Do Paintball Markers Work?

Semi-automatic paintball markers are the easiest markers to use in paintball. The way they work is every time you pull the trigger, one shot is fired. A hopper will be attached on top of the marker which you fill with your paintballs. This is gravity-fed, allowing one ball to feed into the marker for each shot. 

All our markers have a safety catch which will be pointed out to players when issued from the PlayZone. We also now have upgrade markers available to hire on the day you play!

Are Children Able to Hold Paintball Markers?

Yes, most paintball markers are designed to be easily usable by children; most of them have no issues operating a paintball marker. 

Here at Velocity Paintball, we often organise kids paintball parties, so we have equipment tailored for your little ones.

Can I Bring My Own Paintball Equipment?

You’re welcome to wear your own clothes. Goggles will be checked by the centre manager, if they comply with safety regulations you can wear them. Unfortunately, bringing your own markers, hoppers or gas/air bottles is not permitted.

Can I Bring My Own Paintballs?

No, unfortunately only paintballs that have been bought from the centre on the day of the game can be used. We take everyone’s safety very seriously, so we want to ensure only rigorously tested equipment is used on our sites.

On the Day

How Many Paintballs Will I Need?

A minimum of 300 paintballs is recommended per player for a half-day session. The average amount usually purchased is 500 per player. Buying in bulk for groups will give you the biggest savings. It is normally best to buy in bulk at the beginning of your day.

Can I Come On My Own?

YES! The groups are made up of similar age groups, so if you fancy joining us on your own there are always lots of people to talk to.

What If It’s Raining?

We will always carry on, whatever the weather. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or it’s scorching heat, we can still carry out the games and have fun. The only exception is if we are advised not to carry out games by the Met Office due to unsafe weather conditions. If in doubt, give us a call at 01753316073 and we’ll let you know what the plan is for the session

Do You Host Parties?

Yes! It’s easy to host a party with us. Just book in your players on whichever deal you like the look of and make a note on the booking page that it’s for a party. We can bring out your birthday cake (you must provide it) and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday guest!

Have a look at our dedicated paintball parties page for more details.

What If I Can’t Make It on the Day?

If you can’t make it on the day, we’ll issue you a credit note. This will be under the original booking you were booked in with. This means that you can book for a future date of your choice (subject to availability). Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds if you decide to cancel.

If we have to cancel your booking due to bad weather, we’ll let you know in advance of your session. In those cases, we will give you a full refund or credit voucher for a future date.

How Will the Day Run?

Each paintball session lasts about 3 hours. You can book a morning or an afternoon session, and in the summer, we also offer evening sessions.

A typical paintball session will normally include:

  • Registration
  • Safety brief and game preparation (putting on the safety kit, selecting teams, etc.)
  • Game time
  • End-of-day presentation (scores reveal and awards)

Have a look at our itinerary page for details on what to expect on the day.

What Do I Need to Bring with Me on the Day?
  • All the pre-filled-in registration forms (we have extras on the day if needed)
  • Your booking confirmation and vouchers if you have any
  • A packed lunch – extra snacks and drinks are available from the shop 
  • Suitable clothing for the weather conditions (and a change of clothing for the drive home)
  • A whole lot of energy!
Do You Provide Lunch?

As the sessions are only half days we do not offer food. There are, however, light snacks available from the shop. We recommend eating before or after your booked session.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drink?

Yes, you can bring your own refreshments and food. We encourage you to bring a birthday cake if you’re celebrating a birthday! NO ALCOHOL is permitted, however. We do have a shop on-site that sells cold drinks and snacks.

Can I Bring My Dog?

Due to the nature of the day, no animals are allowed onsite. Guide dogs are welcome, however, if they are kept on a lead and in the base camp.