How To Play Paintball: Your Ultimate Guide

18 April 2024
Paintball Smoke

Paintball is one of the most fun sports out there! Featuring plenty of action and multiple moving parts, it might be easy to feel confused about how to start. Our experts here at Velocity Paintball have put this blog together to give you the ultimate guide on everything paintball, from the rules to clothing. But first things first, how do you play paintball?

You play paintball by shooting paintballs at an opposing team. It involves strategy, teamwork and communication to help your team dominate the game and win. At Velocity Paintball, we encourage you to get as involved as you can be, as it will make your game fun and give you the best experience possible!

Read on to learn more about playing paintball, the rules and what paintball is with Velocity Paintball. 

What Is Paintball?

Paintball is a competitive team sport that involves two teams eliminating each other with paintballs shot from a paintball gun. It requires strategy and tactics that can be discussed before the game begins so that all of your team is aware of the playstyle. Paintball is enjoyed by many people across the globe and originated in America around 1960

Some games may contain objectives, such as capturing another team’s flag or protecting a player, while others may just be about eliminating the other team. Whatever the goal, paintball is an action-packed sport that is a lot of fun to get involved in!

How Do You Play Paintball? 

The main goal of playing paintball is to eliminate the opposition by firing paintballs at them and hitting them without getting shot yourself. The team that dominates the game will win. Playing paintball relies heavily on your senses; you need to keep looking for your opponents and listening out as they may try to sneak up on you. 

The more confident you are in the game, the more fun you’ll have – which increases your chances of winning. Get involved with everything, especially communicating with your teammates. Communication is a key aspect of paintball, as without it, you as a team won’t be on the same page. 

What Are The Rules Of Paintball?

You need to be aware of and follow some clear safety rules while playing paintball. 

  • Safety: The most important rule of paintball is safety. Always wear your protective equipment (gloves, helmet, goggles) during the game and never remove it, even for a second. Getting hit in the eye can cause severe damage, including blindness. 


  • Equipment: Always keep your marker in safety mode when not in use, keeping the barrel covered when not shooting. Do not point your gun at a person unless you intend to shoot, and never shoot a player who has already been eliminated. 


  • Elimination: If a player has been eliminated by a shot or breaking any other rules, they must leave the arena. We typically ask eliminated players to hold their guns above their heads and make a swift exit to not interfere with the continuing game. 


  • Fair Play: Cheating during a game is prohibited. If caught cheating, you will be immediately eliminated from the game and asked to leave the arena. We also recommend allowing your opponents to surrender if you are too close to them, as close-range shots can cause more damage to a player. 


  • Don’t Shoot Blind: Don’t shoot blindly in hopes of hitting another player; you can risk hitting the referee or hitting an eliminated player trying to exit the arena. 


  • No Alcohol: If you are attending a stag or hen-do, you might be tempted to drink before the game. This is not allowed; anyone caught under the influence will be asked to leave. Save the booze for the pub afterwards!


In the UK, all paintballing is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). At Velocity, we have been checked that we follow specific safety guidelines, including proper signage, safety netting, and boundary markers. You must follow all rules and guidelines told to you on the day of your session and beforehand. 

Is There An Age Limit For Paintball?

At Velocity Paintball, we require all of our players to be above the age of 7 to participate in a game. Beyond that, there is no age limit as long as you feel fit and healthy; we encourage you to get involved and join in the fun!

How Many People Are On A Paintball Team? 

On a paintball team, you can have anywhere from 4 players to 25 on a team during a game. It depends on how many players are booked in for a session! Regardless of the group size, paintballing is an intense, action-packed sport to get involved in, and each of our unique courses will give you the best experience! 

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What Should I Wear To Go Paintballing? 

When it comes to paintball, comfy clothing is the way to go. We’d recommend old, dark clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty just in case you get paint on your clothes and sturdy boots to keep you safe from injury. At Velocity, we provide body armour and overalls to protect you during your session. 

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Paintballing Action In The South Of England With Velocity Paintball 

If you want to start playing paintball, why not check out our centres here at Velocity Paintball? We have three locations – Bristol, Slough and East Grinstead. Get some friends together, or even come alone and get involved in this amazing sport! 

If you have any questions, get in touch with us or check out our FAQs page for more information.