Paintballing: What Should You Wear?

5 October 2023
Paintball Smoke

Paintballing is a fun, high-paced sport with a lot of action. You need to make sure that you are wearing the correct gear to protect yourself from any paint coming your way. That got us thinking here at Velocity Paintball, what should you wear to go paintballing? 

You should wear comfortable clothes when you go paintballing. It’s important to make sure that you leave as little skin exposed as possible as paintball hits can sting. We also recommend wearing old clothing just in case any of the paint seeps through your overalls while playing. 

Read on to find out more about what you should be wearing when taking part in paintball with Velocity Paintball.

What Should You Wear To Go Paintballing?

If you’re going for gold, appropriate clothing and footwear should be at the top of your list, alongside strategy and tactics, of course. Here’s what you should wear to go paintballing:


Top Half

Consider the weather when choosing what to wear for paintballing. You don’t want to get cold out on the field, but equally paintballing is a physical activity, so you don’t want to get hot either! We recommend wearing an old top whether it be long-sleeved or a t-shirt, just in case the paint gets through to your clothes. As we provide you with freshly washed overalls, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. 

Bottom Half

It’s always best to choose the most appropriate clothing, most players opt for long trousers. This can give you an added layer of protection from getting hit directly with a paintball. They are a great option when it comes to the weather too.  It’s best to wear loose fitting bottoms so that you’re comfortable while playing the game. 


Go for shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. This is because our paintball course can get quite muddy, so make sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet or mucky. If you can, we’d recommend high-top shoes as they can add an element of ankle support, as ankle twists are one of the most common injuries from going paintballing. 

On Your Hands

When it comes to paintballing, it’s important to protect your hands. They are one of the most likely places on your body to take a hit. Shots to your hand can be one of the most painful and are likely to bruise so it’s crucial to protect them. At Velocity Paintball, we provide armoured gloves that we strongly recommend you wear in order to protect your hands. 

What Clothing is Provided at Paintballing?

Here at Velocity Paintball, we’ll provide you with everything you need to take part in our paintball sessions, including unlimited gas, alongside freshly washed fitted overalls with padded neck protection. When you book with us, we provide you with:

  • Paintball marker to fire the paintballs with
  • Capacity hopper/loader to store your paintballs
  • Paintballs (find out more about how long paintballs last in our recent blog)
  • Safety mask for protection
  • Body armour (optional)
  • Extra gas (optional)

We’d always recommend that you bring a spare pair of clothing for the drive home. This is so you can feel a bit more comfortable after the intensity of the game. 

Can You Bring Your Own Equipment and Clothing To Paintball?

Unfortunately, bringing your markers, hoppers or gas/air bottles is not permitted when playing paintball, however, you’re welcome to wear your clothes. We recommend wearing old clothing just in case the paint does go through the overalls that we provide. If this happens, we do recommend you to bring a spare set of clothing to change into so you’re not uncomfortable for the drive home.  

Goggles will be checked by the centre manager, if they comply with safety regulations you can wear them. 

Paintball Sessions in the South Of England

If you’re looking for a paintballing centre in Crawley, Bristol, or Slough, look no further than Velocity Paintball. We provide everything you need for a great experience including body armour, capacity loader, safety masks, and fitted overalls with extra padded protection. 


Get in touch with us today or if you have any questions, check out our FAQs page


Related Questions

Are Trainers or Boots Better For Paintball?

We’d definitely recommend that you opt for boots over trainers. As there is a risk of accidentally twisting your ankle, you do need some support around your ankles in case you slip on the muddy ground. Boots will protect you better than trainers on our course as they shouldn’t let in any water and will stop you getting muddy socks! 

Will My Clothes Get Ruined At Paintball?

There is a possibility that paint will seep through your overalls while you are paintballing. The paint we use is washable and usually doesn’t stain but it does depend on the material of your clothes. It’s best to wear older clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit of paint on rather than your Sunday best!

Can I Wear Jeans To Paintball?

You can wear jeans to go paintballing but we’d strongly recommend against them. You’d be better off wearing loose fitting trousers so that you’re more comfortable while playing so your jeans don’t stick to your legs. Loose trousers are also better for wearing underneath your overalls.