Does Paintball Paint Wash Out?

21 December 2023
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Paintballing is a fast-paced, action-packed sport. Here at Velocity Paintball, we get asked many questions about the mess that paintball paint could cause. That got us thinking: does paintball paint wash out? 

Yes, paintball paint does wash out of your clothes. This is because the paintball paint is made of water-soluble materials that should come out during a normal wash cycle. You should wash your clothes the same day the paint gets on them to prevent permanent stains, as leaving the paint will cause damage to your clothing.

Read on to find out more about if paintball paint will wash out of your clothes with Velocity Paintball. 

Can Paintball Paint Stain Your Clothes? 

No, paintball paint should not stain your clothing. The paint we use here at Velocity Paintball is made from water-soluble materials that should wash out on a normal washing cycle. 

There are, however, some instances where your clothes could become stained, such as when dye is used, or if the manufacturer has used different materials, such as oil. With that, you can use a stain remover to clear away stains.

At Velocity Paintball, we provide overalls to protect your clothing and prevent staining on your clothes. We also have the option of body armour that can further protect you from stains and impact from the paintballs. 

That being said, we recommend wearing darker clothing to prevent obvious stains. Or, opt for older clothing that you’re not too bothered about staining. 

What Are Paintballs Made Out Of? 

Our paintballs are made up of two different components: the outer shell and the paint inside. They are both made up of different materials, which are:

  • Outer shell: The outer shell is made of gelatin, which will break upon impact as it functions as a capsule for the paint inside. 
  • Paint: The paint itself is nontoxic, biodegradable and water-soluble. It’s usually made up of mineral oil, ethylene glycol, iodine and food colouring. 

Do Some Paintballs Stain More Than Others? 

Some paintballs can stain your clothes more than others. This does depend on factors such as: 

  • Paintball dye: Red or pink dye has stronger stains due to the colouring in the paint. Red is an aggressive colour and can permanently stain, especially on lighter clothes. It’s best to wear darker clothing to prevent any permanent damage. 
  • Paintball quality: Poor-quality paintballs are more likely to stain your clothes as the paint is less soluble in water and won’t wash out well. At Velocity Paintball, we use high-quality paintballs to reduce the likelihood of stains. 
  • Date of manufacture: The manufacture date relates to the paintball’s quality. Paintballs should be used soon after manufacture as they prevent the paint from drying out and causing stains to your clothing. 

Is Paintball Paint Permanent?

Paintball paint is not permanent and shouldn’t cause damage to the clothing that you wear. Certain stronger dyes, such as red, dark blue and pink, could cause permanent damage if they aren’t washed out immediately after. If the paint is oil-based, it should wash out, but it may take a few wash cycles and soaking in boiling water. 

How To Clean Paintball Paint? 

At Velocity, we provide overalls and body armour to protect you during the game. However, there is a risk that the paint may seep through onto your clothes. We’d recommend washing your clothes the same day to prevent staining; if you leave them longer, you risk permanently staining them. The paint should wash out on a normal wash cycle. 

The best way to remove paint stains from your shoes is to use a scrubbing brush, dish soap and warm water. Gently wipe off all the paint and leave them to air dry. If the paint has gotten into the crevices of your footwear, you can use an old toothbrush to reach them. 

What Should I Wear To Go Paintballing? 

Come dressed in whatever clothing you feel comfortable in, although we’d recommend old, dark clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. At Velocity Paintball, we provide body armour and overalls to protect you from the paint. 

If you’d like to know more about what to wear when going paintballing, read our recent blog, What Should You Wear To Paintball?

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