Low Impact Paintball For Children

Here at Velocity Paintball, we know children love to play paintball - but understandably parents are less keen on the idea. We wanted to create an experience that was both action-packed and safe. To achieve this we’ve researched and invested in a 'new style' paintball marker and paintballs to allow your adventurous, adrenalin-fuelled little ones to join in, and you as a parent, feel they are totally safe!

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We can safely offer paintballing to children from 7 years old.

50 Calibre paintballs and markers are the future for kids’ paintball. The paintballs are smaller, lighter and more fragile so they are less painful upon impact making them perfect for your little ones to comfortably and safely join in! All our guns also have a safety trigger lock button making them safe to handle and preventing unwanted accidental shots from being fired. We’ve taken every precaution to ensure the safety of your children. To find out more about booking an action-packed day by contacting one of our team.

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Velocity Paintball Facebook

Where We Are Based

We have three locations across the UK: Bristol, Crawley and Slough. Each location has its own unique and exciting game zones so you can experience something different at each site you visit. Our newest addition is our Bristol location which we opened in March 2023. No matter where you choose to visit us our fantastic team will always ensure that you have a memorable time. 

Low Impact Paintball Equipment

All our young players who come to play at Velocity Paintball will be given the following safety kit to use for the day:

  • Full Face Safety Goggles – Our goggles are fully adjustable to enable a secure fit and have a large lens providing a wide viewing area. The whole head is protected, a bit like a motorbike helmet, with vents to allow air circulation and a chin strap to prevent them from falling off in battle.
  • Camouflaged Overalls – Our freshly laundered, full-body overall covers players from the neck downwards. The collar around the neck is padded, offering extra protection.
  • 500 Paintball Hopper – Carrying enough ammo is vital on the battlefield! Our gravity-fed ammo hoppers are easily attached to the marker when starting your games. They have a clear lid enabling you to keep an eye on how much ammo you have left.
  • Body Armour – All players will be offered body armour; this is optional if you choose to wear it but we do recommend it for young players. The armour is designed to be lightweight. It is entirely effective and worn under the overalls to protect your torso.
  • Paintball Marker – All players will be issued a .50 Calibre paintball marker when entering the playing fields. These are kept in the PlayZone when not in use as no markers are allowed in the safe base area! The markers are cleaned and re-filled with gas between each game to keep them in perfect working order whilst out on the playing fields. 

If you have any other questions about what our low impact paintballing experience entails either check out our FAQs page or contact one of our friendly team.

Velocity Paintball Facebook
Velocity Paintball Facebook

How Does a Game of Low Impact Paintball Work? 

When you book with Velocity Paintball your group will automatically qualify for the smaller paintballs and marker when you book in and fill out the players’ age. 

When you arrive for your fun-filled day all younger players are grouped to form their own young players’ game, this is to keep the ability level fair and fun! Only parents and guardians will be allowed to participate in these games along with your children.

If you have any questions regarding children and playing paintball contact one of our friendly team who will happily have a chat with you.

Low Impact Paintball FAQs

Does Low Impact Paintball Hurt?

Low impact paintballs are designed to cause little to no pain, so you don’t need to worry about safety. However, we still recommend wearing body armour to ensure maximum protection.

Will My Clothes Get Ruined at Paintball?

The paint is washable and doesn’t normally stain but we cannot guarantee it for all materials. Any paint residue should easily launder out but this is unlikely to happen as all our players are given a freshly-laundered overalls to play in.

How Much Does It Cost to Play Low-Impact Paintball?

We offer both morning and afternoon sessions with a range of paintball numbers starting from £10 for 100 to £220 for 4000 with lots of extras available such as our smoke and flash grenades. To find out more about our prices check our our price page or contact us for more information.