How Much Does Paintballing Cost?

30 April 2024
Paintball Smoke

Paintball costs vary depending on the size of your group, and the amount of paintballs you think you will need. In this blog, we provide our prices, alongside what is included for your money. So, is it expensive to play paintball?

Paintball isn’t expensive as long as you work out how many paintballs you will roughly need per person, and select the most cost-effective price package for each person in your group. Our morning and evening paintball sessions range from £9.99 upwards with packages available which include a ranging number of paintballs. You can also purchase paintball bundles which start from £10 for 100 paintballs. 

Read on to find out how much paintballing costs with Velocity Paintball.

How Much Does Paintballing Cost?

Paintballing can vary in price depending on where you are in the country. Here at Velocity Paintball, we try to keep our pricing as transparent as possible. To provide the best experience we have various packages so you can choose which you think will suit you best.

Paintballing Packages

Standard Entry

  • £9.99 per person – Does not include any paintballs, they are available to purchase separately. A good option for someone who may only want to play for a shorter time or if paying for paintball bundles separately.  View Standard entry details.

Bronze Package

Silver Package

Gold Package

Platinum Package

All of our packages include the following:

  • Kit Hire – Fresh overalls with padded neck protection, paintball marker & 500 capacity hopper, safety masks (various sizes) unlimited goggle cleaning solution.
  • Facilities – Free tea, coffee and water, free wifi, covered seating area, viewing area & clean toilet facilities.
  • Team –  Our team will be on hand for any questions, to guide you through the games and even some tactic tips.

How Long Does Paintballing Last?

Paintballing sessions at Velocity are 3 hours long. Within that 3 hours, you will play up to 7 different games making it fun right til the end. We provide free tea, coffee and water so small breaks between games to hydrate or have a breather are catered for. To see more detail check out our itinerary page.

How Many Paintballs Do You Need for 3 Hours?

On average, people use around 200 paintballs an hour, so you may end up using around 600 in a 3-hour session. This is all dependent on experience and confidence so you may use more, you might use less. We provide packages for additional paintballs for your group, as well as extras such as smoke grenades and armoured glove hire. Take a look at package paintball costs to work out what is best for your group before you start your session.

What Equipment is Required for Paintball?

Here at Velocity Paintball, we offer kit hire with all of our sessions. However, if you are a regular paintballer you may have your own equipment or perhaps are thinking of investing in some kit. 

Here is a list of the typical kits and average prices:


Item Average Cost
Protective mask – to protect your eyes and face. These must meet regulations as not all goggles are suitable. Beginning at around £25 for a basic mask up into the £100’s for top of the range.
Overalls – It can be a messy affair so overalls to protect your clothing is a must. To get decent camouflage overalls it costs around £25.
Paintball marker – Won’t get far without one of these. Ranging from £50 – £200 
Paintball hopper/loader – to house your paintballs. Prices start from £2 for basic gravity loaders, Upwards to an average of £50-60+ for a battery-operated loader.
Body armour –  Not essential but can be helpful for intense games. Elbow and knee pads vary from £35-60

Chest protectors are £20+

Gloves – To protect your hands  Starting at £10


Paintball Sessions at Velocity Paintball

We offer fun, exciting paintball sessions, whether you are booking for a stag do, hen party or team-building event we will ensure you have a memorable experience. We also offer paintball sessions for kids, our session prices are the same no matter your age so get in touch with us for more information and to book your paintball session today!

Paintball Cost FAQs

Can I Pay on the Day or Do I Need to Pre-book?

All sessions require a pre-booking to ensure your space, give us a call if you have any questions or to make your booking.

Can I Bring My Own Equipment?

If you would prefer to bring your own safety goggles you can do so. We will have to check they meet our safety regulations and if not we can provide you with a pair of our own. Safety first! We do not permit you to bring your own paintballs or paintball markers.

Are Adult and Child Prices the Same?

Yes, children 7+ can play paintball in our sessions and there are no child prices. Children use the same equipment and have the same fun-packed experience the adults do!