10 Tips and Tactics for Paintball Success

10 September 2023
Paintball Smoke

Read our experts’ tips and tactics for winning at paintball. 

Paintball is an incredibly fun game, so don’t be afraid to get on the field and enjoy yourself. However, if you’re one of those people who are in it to win it, then there are some tips and tricks you can follow to win your next paintball game.

So, what are some top tips for paintball games? Strategy and smart movement are key to winning. Before the game starts, spend extra time mastering the equipment and discussing the tactics with your team. During the game, ensure you communicate effectively, make the most use of camouflage and be aware of the field and objects around.

Keep reading as we go into detail about our top 10 tips for paintball and the key tactics you need to be aware of.

Tip #1: Master the Basics

Before you think about any advanced tactics, it’s important to get the basics right first. When thinking about paintball, speed, accuracy and agility are key. So, think about the following:

  • Speed and movement: there are key movement techniques in paintball that you need to master. For example, taking cover effectively and sliding will definitely come in handy during the game. Practise them before you start the game or if you’re unsure, ask our staff; they’re there to help and advise.
  • Accuracy: improving your shooting accuracy will help you be more successful in the game. After all, you need to shoot to win.
  • Agility: being able to switch positions quickly and coordinate your movements makes all the difference when you’re avoiding getting hit. Our staff can give you some tips, so make sure to ask.

Tip #2: Gear Up

In paintball, being fast, playing smart and aiming well can help you win. But to do this, you need the right equipment in order to perform effectively and stay safe.

Here at Velocity Paintball, for example, we use top-notch, new equipment to ensure max performance. Having the right protective gear and masks is also key so that you don’t feel the impact of the balls. 

Choosing the appropriate gear can also enhance your performance and provide a competitive edge. For example, an ammo belt can help you carry extra paintballs on the field and an upgraded gun can increase your accuracy and range.

Once you’re given the equipment, make sure you understand how to use it. Even though the instructor will provide you with comprehensive information, ask about how to maintain it during the game and what you need to avoid.

Pro tip: ask about how you can customise your gear to suit your playing style. We guarantee this will get you extra points.

Tip #3: Establish the Strategy

The excitement about getting on the field and starting the game can take over, which means you might rush the preparation. But, remember one thing: strategy is key to winning.

Our top advice? Discuss your approach with your team before the start of the game. A few things to consider include:

  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of both your and the opposing teams. This will help you identify opportunities.
  • Study the playing field and come up with points of action. Knowing the layout and obstacles can help you identify hiding spots and flag up areas in which you need to be careful. If you discuss those before the game, you can then focus your attention on actually applying your strategy during the game.
  • Discuss key tactics. For example, are you planning to deploy flanking or sniping when in an offensive attack? Don’t worry if these are new to you, we discuss them in more detail in the next section.

Tip #4: Discuss Tactics

To win at paintball, it’s important to know what you’ll be doing once on the field. Below we discuss key tactics, some of which you might already be aware of, but others might be new to you.

Offensive Paintball Tactics

  • Bunkering: this is a tactic you can deploy when at close range of your opponent. The idea is to eliminate them by taking cover behind their position.
  • Flanking: this is a team tactic in which two or more players from your team provide cover for someone else, who moves closer to the aim. Great for taking the opposing team by surprise!
  • Sending decoy: select a couple of your fastest members and send them towards the other team. In the meantime, have other team members make a run for the flag or even plant a bomb while the opposing team is distracted by the decoy.

Defensive Paintball Tactics

  • Think about positioning: having a look around the field can help you identify good places to hide behind when in a defensive position. 
  • Don’t hide together: while paintball is a team game, make sure you don’t always take cover in the same position as all of your team members. This runs the risk of having the other team surround all of you at once and that’s not what you want.
  • Make use of cover fire: this is a fantastic way of protecting your teammates while they’re making their moves. Even better, you can have multiple team members send fire; the other team won’t know what hit them!

Tip #5: Communicate Effectively

When on the field, it’s crucial you’re coordinated with your team. After all, helping and covering for each other makes all the difference. But to be coordinated, you need to communicate effectively.

There are signals commonly used in paintball. Hand gestures work well and the more creative they are, the less likely is the other team to know what you are indicating. However, make sure they’re easy to remember so that nobody forgets them during the game!

Verbal communication can also work, but use code words and phrases that are short and concise. Things on the field happen so quickly that you don’t want to waste time.

Just remember to clarify the communication methods before the game starts and look out for your team’s signals during the game.

Tip #6: Make Use of Camouflage

It’s a no-brainer that remaining undetected is important, but the good thing is that the paintball field is designed to offer a lot of places to hide; you just need to know where to look.

Here are some top tips for taking cover:

  • Minimise noise: The quieter you are, the less likely the opponent is to hear you.
  • Blend into the environment: Bushes are a fantastic place to hide as you can see targets from behind while still being hidden. So are other objects and barricades that have a similar colour to your camouflage costume.
  • Avoid unnecessary movement: Unless there’s a genuine opportunity, don’t risk moving around. Keep an eye on the environment and move whenever you know you’re safe.

Tip #7: Stay Aware and Adapt

While you can think about ‌strategy and what you’ll do in certain situations, it’s impossible to plan for everything. That’s why it’s important to stay aware at all times and adapt.

Make sure you keep an eye on your opponents’ positions and scan the field at all times. While you can’t necessarily predict their movements, scan around and try to guess where they’ll go next. That will allow you to aim better.

Tip #8: Aim, Don’t Just Shoot

When on the field, it’s easy to just shoot whenever you’re close enough to your enemies and hope for the best. However, you need to remember that you have a limited number of pellets.

That’s why it’s key to remember the importance of precise shooting. Taking an extra second or two to aim accurately can be way more effective than shooting carelessly. 

Practise marksmanship and trigger control by remembering how important a steady hand can be. The extra time you take can help you focus better and shoot more precisely.

Tip #9: If You Run Out of Pellets – Keep Shooting

There’s always the risk of running out of pellets, so don’t panic; this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the game for you.

If this happens when you’re playing, one thing you need to know is that your opponent doesn’t necessarily need to know. The best thing to do in that situation is to keep shooting.

That way, you will fool your opponent and avoid being an easy target. 

Tip #10: Learn from Each Game

Usually you’ll play multiple games on your visit, for example, at Velocity Paintball, you’ll get to play 7 games. While things might not always go to plan in the first couple of games, don’t get disheartened. Every game is an opportunity to learn!

After each game, have a quick chat with your team and discuss:

  • What went well: this is what you want to continue doing.
  • What you could have done better: these are the areas you can improve in the next game.
  • What new tactics you can deploy: think about what the other team’s weaknesses are. These can help you adapt your strategy.

As long as you reflect on each game and treat each new one as a new opportunity, you’ll increase your chances of winning.

Top Tips for Top Games at Velocity Paintball

Hopefully, you’ve found those tactics useful. Ready to put them into practice? Get in touch or visit our paintballing centres in Bristol, Tunbridge Wells or Slough and our team would be more than happy to provide you with even more tips on your visit.

Happy paintballing!